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 In today's world it is easy to live a life that has become unbalanced. Finding your balance can be difficult to do if you are not in the proper frame of mind and if you lack the proper tools and guidance.  Our services can take you on a tour of your mind, body and soul and help you develop a deeper and more meaningful understanding of yourself, your lifestyle, your priorities and your goals.  The tools we provide can help you grow and realign your lifestyle with your core values and personal priorities while bringing your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects back into balance.  Wellness is a journey, a road that may wind and turn, may climb up a mountain or sink into a valley, but in the end, you are the master of the road and you decide where the road will take you.

"The point of a maze is to find its center.  

The point of a labyrinth is to find YOUR center."

Services & Products

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Delivered to your door. Open up and unbox some Wellness.

These boxes make thoughtful and memorable gifts for friends and family; and a perfect treat for yourself!

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Wellness Boutique

Our boutique is stocked with Wellness items to help you on your journey.

Thoughtfully created and curated items are available through our Etsy shop. Free shipping on orders over $35! Shop Now!

Laptop & Coffee


Wherever you are, whenever you are ready, Wellness Coaching is available!

Our digitial coaching packages offer a variety of intensity and frequency to fit your needs.

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Free Stuff

We all like free stuff! Click here to check out ours!

Confetti Party

Virtual Parties &

Private Events

Zoom Happy Hour, Girl's Night In, Family Night, whatever you call it, we can help you bring the fun! Our Pary-In-A-Box comes with everything you need for a fun gathering whether it is online or in-person!

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Infant Massage: Parent Education Classes

Due to COVID-19, all of our Infant Massage classes have been placed on hold.  Stay tuned for updates on re-starting the classes.

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