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Walk the Talk ... 30 Day Challenge

In today's world there are many different and wondrous ways to gain knowledge and even learn new skills. Who are these people handing out the knowledge? Have they tried it out for themselves? Does it work? I guess we may never know.

I am an Integrative Wellness Life Coach and I want all of my readers to know that I have tried the tips and suggestions for living a more balanced life through Integrative Wellness that I provide in my workshops, Enlightenment by Email subscription service and through the REAL Women's Night Out events that I co-host with Elizabeth Simone of Simone Wellness Consulting.

Everyone has their own journey to take and sometimes in life there are ups and downs. We just need to keep pushing forward, reassess, reorganize and start again on own path to harmony and balance in our four body aspects: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Over the last few years, i have had 2 kids and some workplace challenges, and I have found myself tested in all aspects. I am now in harmony with 3 out of 4 aspects, but have been putting off balancing my physical aspect for a long time now. The toll of 2 pregnancies, both relatively difficult, and now 2 toddlers running around the house, and the added resistance of being over scheduled, I have gained weight and am not eating according to my goals. The excitement of starting Life In Focus, and finding another reason to collaborate with Mrs. Simone, led me to start this blog and to motivate myself to get in balance with "Walk the Talk".

In order to achieve balance in my physical aspect, i need to address 2 main areas, eating a healthier diet and adding exercise back into my routine. I am not a nutritionist, so i am going to fall back on a plan that i have used in the past, which uses a basic theory of taking in fewer calories than i am using, and focusing on a protein rich diet. Whenever you are changing your diet, you should always check with a licensed nutritionist or a doctor. I will begin with 3 days a week of exercise, so i can achieve my short term goal of adding exercise to my routine. I will gradually build up to additional days of exercise. I have devised a 30 day Integrative Wellness challenge for myself, that I will chronicle through this blog.

Here goes...

GOAL: Get back on track with healthy eating and exercise habits

TIME FRAME: 30 days


1. Adhere to a reduced calorie, lower carb, higher protein diet

2. Journaling exercises including: food entries with time and amounts, daily emotions, and daily challenges & victories

3. Add in exercise for 30 minutes, 3 days a week. Include at lease one Yoga practice in exercises.

4. Blog entry every 7 days chronicling successes and set-backs

Day 1 of this challenge will be September 16, 2016. Lets see what happens together!

What challenges have you faced that make it difficult to find balance in your physical aspect, or any aspect? What have you done to over come these difficulties? Please comment on this post at the Community Forum. If you want to receive tips, suggestions and inspiration for your own journey, check out my Enlightenment by Email subscription service. Encouragement, enlightenment and positive energy right to your inbox!

Be Well.

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