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Take control of your life: with Integrative Wellness and Life Coaching

Coach /kōCH/ (noun): a person who teaches or trains

You might be asking yourself, just what is Integrative Wellness and Life Coaching? Life coaching is a way for me to help you get from point A to point B; a way to help you reach a goal or make a change in your life. Integrative Wellness allows me to do all of that and to help you achieve balance and harmony by identifying issues , negative patterns and empower you to make the change with effective tools, techniques and specific action plans.

Wellness \ˈwel-nəs\ (noun): the quality or state of being healthy

As an Integrative Wellness and Life Coach, I can help you gain freedom from old habits and patterns that block fulfillment in an area of your life and help you to take the actions necessary to lead the life you want to live. I do this through the holistic and integrative approach of coaching toward balance, harmony, and wholeness in all four body aspects: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Integrative \ˈin-tə-ˌgrā-tiv\ (adjective): combining allopathic and complementary therapies; or intending to unify separate things

A life coach is traditionally a person who helps clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges. An Integrative Wellness and Life Coach has knowledge and focused training in ‘integrative’ approaches in the areas of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellness, wholeness and balance. This approach moves life coaching from simply identifying issues and encouraging change to fully equipping and empowering clients to make effective and lasting changes. As an Integrative Wellness and Life Coach my clients can expect to walk away with a personal plan to move them towards wellness and health in the areas of mind (thought life & patterns), emotions (emotions & relationships), physical (this can be physical health or physical surroundings/situations such as career or finance) and spiritual health (awareness & spirituality).

Discover /dəˈskəvər/ (verb): to find something unexpected

Discover Your Greatest Self With Life In Focus!

Life in Focus Wellness is dedicated to helping you discover the best version of yourself in a fun and stimulating environment. I offer a variety of workshops, services and products.​ Cannot make it to one of MY events? Join the online community and sign up for the Enlightenment by Email subscription and receive inspiration, tips and encouragement straight to your Inbox! Join us for a fun Girls Only event with REAL Women's Night Out, co-hosted with Elizabeth Simone of Simone Wellness Consulting. You can also join the online Book Club and post discussions on the Community Forum. Find me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and stay up to date with Life In Focus happenings!

Be Well!

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