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Walk the Talk...Day 15 Update

I am now on my 15th day of the Walk the Talk Challenge, and my progress seems slow. Like most people, i much prefer to see results of my actions immediately; immediate gratification. But in some cases, you just need to be patient. Another issue I am having is the fluctuation in weight that i see on the scale. However, I am not solely relying on the scale as my measurement of success. I am using my personal observation of myself in regard to my ability to walk up the stairs at work, chase after my kids, my energy level and how i feel in my own skin. I have noticed my inclination and ability to play more with my kids and i don't get quite as tired going up the stairs, although, i'd much prefer the elevator. :-)

I have seen the scale move up and down within the same day, so I have modified my schedule to weighing myself only 3 times a week, always in the morning, and in similar pajama attire. This will allow me to, hopefully, negate the daily fluctuation in weight that normally occurs and to see true results, instead of a mirage.

In other news, my meal planning has gone well this week, and we, as a family, have stuck to it throughout the week. I do anticipate some issues coming up as we have a couple of birthday meal celebrations in the next week, as well as a wedding celebration to attend. Since i cannot anticipate the wedding menu, i will be doing my best to eat low calorie, yet filling foods prior to the wedding, so i can allow myself a little flexibility when the dinner is served. I will also be informed of the birthday celebration locations soon and i will review the menus for each location and plan my meals prior to the events. This will help me with my overall eating plan, as well as my planned meals for the week. Last week i prepared a lovely Crockpot meal with a london broil and some vegetables. I was able to serve 4 adults and 2 children, and still have a little bit left over for a lunch entree. The recipe is below.

Crockpot London Broil and Mixed Vegetables

* 2lbs Lean cut London Broil

* 4 small Russet Potatoes

* 1/2 medium bag of Baby Carrots

* 2 medium Zucchini squashes sliced into spears

*Marinade of your choice (I chose a Sriracha marinade as i find spicy foods cause me to eat less)

1. Marinade London Broil for 30 minutes, or as directed on the package

2. Spray crockpot with non-stick spray

3. Put marinaded meat in the bottom of the crockpot

4. Place cut vegetables in the crockpot, with the hardest veggies closer to the bottom

5. Add remaining marinade on top of the vegetables

6. Set the crockpot to Low and walk away.

7. Enjoy!

I have enjoyed catching up with you all. If you have any suggestions for making it through unexpected events or eating out, please comment on the Community Forum. Please check out our services page and sign up for one of our workshops, REAL Women's Night Out events, and our Enlightenment by Email subscription. Thank you.

Be Well!

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