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10 Reasons Women Should Empower Other Women

10 Reasons Women Should Empower Other Women

  1. One woman's success is inspiration for another.

  • Be a role model for other women. Show them how to be strong and powerful

  1. As females, we should complement other females. It’s not a competition, it never really has been.

  • Giving a woman a compliment, will boost her confidence and empower her

  1. It’s a good thing to simply be nice. Real women stick up for one another and leave the gossip behind.

  • When you use derogatory language, it makes it acceptable for someone else to use the same language toward you or other women

  1. Beautiful minds inspire others, and they have the ability to make positive changes.

  • Encourage women to educate themselves in whatever areas they are interested

  1. When women encourage, and genuinely support one another, incredible things happen. It’s what this world needs more of.

  • Make a safe space for women to open up and beautiful things can happen

  1. We should embrace natural beauty, rather than be critical of other women’s bodies and our own.

  • Women are natural nurturers, supporting women for no other reason than to watch them shine is a valuable gift for you to give

  1. You shouldn't shy away from being yourself around another woman. She'll understand what you're going through. You're never alone.

  • Surround yourself with women who are D-O-I-N-G something and you will find strength to find your path and your balance

  1. Strong women stand together when things are tough, hold each other when they need help, and laugh together even when there’s no reason to. They simply have a good time together.

  • We are social creatures and need love, contact, exchange and affirmation. A close connection with women can provide these necessities

  1. Remember, not only should we practice self-love, but we should also appreciate and value other women.

  • Practicing self-love and appreciating other women will reduce stress

  1. Admiring other women’s strengths and being there for each other in times of weakness will help us all come out as stronger individuals.

  • Your community of women will be there to support you in your goals and in your wholeness​

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