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Walk The Talk Update...Last Day of The Challenge

So the day has finally arrived. The last day in the Walk The Talk 30 Day Challenge. It has been a long and interesting 30 days. So much has happened in my personal and professional life and i'm a little surprised at how I feel simultaneously that this lasted forever, and also that I just got started.

My food journal was a great way for me to be honest with myself and to hold myself accountable. Being able to look at what I ate and drank, at what times of day, and then having the notes about how I was feeling before I ingested those items and how I felt afterward has really given me some insight into my eating habits, and it has given me some data I can use to help change my habits for the better. My food journal was also a great tool in helping me see that healthy foods are enjoyable and do not cause the adverse reactions that happen when I have foods that are heavy or if I over indulge. Even though one would think that experiencing the adverse effects would be enough to stave off from those indulgences again, but sometimes chemistry is a difficult thing to overcome. Some of my new favorite recipes i shared in previous blog posts, and they made appearances on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. I'm looking forward to having them again, and i hope you give them a try as well. Let me know what you think by commenting on our social media pages.

In addition to modifying my eating habits, I have endeavored to modify my physical activity and increase healthy exercise sessions in my weekly routines. Incorporating exercise into my routine has been a difficult task, and has required for me to really work on my time management skills and to make sure to set aside time for myself and advocate self-care for myself. I have found that incorporating exercise with another activity or responsibility, really makes it easier for me to make the exercise happen. When I am not at work I want to spend my time with my kids, and we also have to do the regular business of being a family (diners, bath time, reading before bed, and tucking them in to bed). I have found that if i want to spend time with my family and exercise, I either have to get up extra early so i can complete my exercise before my kids wake up, or i have to include them in my exercises. Walking to the local park and then chasing them around the play structure. Lifting them up, piggy back rides, all of these add up to extra exercise and happy kiddos. What types of double-duty exercise do you do in your weekly routine? Discuss it with us in the Community Forum.

I intend to keep working on bringing balance to my Physical aspect through improving my eating habits, meal planning and prep, and adding in more exercise into my weekly routine. If you need inspiration, please continue to read my blog, and check out the Enlightenment by Email subscription service. It is a wonderful email service that will send weekly inspiration, motivation, and integrative wellness life coaching suggestions for a nominal monthly fee.

Be Well!

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