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A Picture Says A 1000 Words

What is in a name? A name is how you identify with people, places, objects, pets, and everything in the world. Selecting a logo, and a business name, that reflects who I am as an Integrative Wellness Life Coach, who I am as a person and what I envision for the company is a difficult choice. I have a wonderfully dear friend who is also an Integrative Wellness and Life Coach, and we started our businesses at the same time. We have complimentary services, and have jointly started our monthly Girl's Night Out events, REAL Women's Night Out. Both of us had to go through the difficult process of developing a name and a logo for our businesses.

When choosing a business name, you generally have two options. You can choose to use your name in the business name, or you can come up with something completely original. As I was going through my training for Integrative Wellness and Life Coaching, I continually developed ideas for concentrated efforts and workshops, including my Enlightenment by Email subscription service, targeted workshops for Stress Management, Communication and Leadership, and our fun, yet substantial, REAL Women's Night Out. With these ideas in mind, I developed the name Life In Focus. I want to be able to help everyone bring their life, their goals, their strengths and their weaknesses into the services and come out with a targeted plan and clear idea of their goals and how to get there. Life brought into focus!

My colleague, Elizabeth Simone, had the same choice to make, and she decided to use her personal name in her business name. Elizabeth chose to name her venture Simone Wellness Consulting. Her choice of branding allows consumers to identify with her, by already knowing her name before even looking at her services, and it is a good description of the wide range of products she offers. Mrs. Simone offers services on personal, workshop and business levels. Wellness is a term that can be applied to a singular person, a couple, a group, or an entire group of co-workers. Simone Wellness Consulting provides one-on-one life coaching, two 6-week workshop series, co-hosting REAL Women's Night Out, and custom Workplace Wellness Workshops for teams looking for help in team building, employee morale and stress management techniques.

The name has been selected, great. But wait! You're not done. You still have to select a logo to go with that name. During the journey of finishing the training I was exposed to quite a few labyrinths as meditation techniques, and I was also exposed to the wide array of the patterns available for the labyrinth. "The point of a maze is to find its center. The point of a labyrinth is to find your center." During my meditation practice research, I spent time looking into large garden labyrinths, canvas labyrinths for workshops, and finger labyrinths for individual use. The finger labyrinths really sparked an interest in me, and I felt a strong connection to the heart shaped labyrinths I came across. The essence of ourselves originates in our heart and soul, so what would be a better way to visually describe my Integrative Wellness Life Coaching business than by using a heart shaped labyrinth, to focus on the center or your being; Life In Focus.

When I spoke with Mrs. Simone about her choice in logo, she gave me the following description:

As Integrative Wellness Life Coaches, we deal with the wholeness and balance of a person in all aspects of their life. The four aspects she mentioned, Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual (aka, MEPS), are the foundation for all of our services.

So, what is in a name, or in a picture for that matter? A lot! I would be happy to discuss this with you further. Please contact me through the website, or in the Community Forum and we can discuss Integrative Wellness, Life Coaching, MEPS, and anything else you would like to discuss.

Be Well!

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